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How to Get Started with SEO

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In our last article about search engine optimization we gave a beginner’s overview of how the nuts and bolts of the search engine robots work together.  Here we are going to bring the theory into application.  Specifically I want to focus on getting started with SEO.   These are

SEO for Beginners

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What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is the process of improving search engine rankings for specific content.   Search engines use programs, called “bots”, to read pages all across the internet.  These bots not only read the pages, but also audit each of them.  Based on

How Can I Grow My Business In 30 Days?

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Earlier today I was working with a customer and building a solution following these guidelines.  I thought I would share it with everyone since this strategy works regularly when I am building systems for our clients.  If you have a strategy or special offer you would like to share


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I recently had the opportunity to sit down and interview Jim Kuckie. Jim is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, and founder of Spa Remedy. Beyond all of this though, Jim possesses a unique outlook on running a successful business. It combines an incorrigible optimism with an insatiable desire to

Top 3 Reasons your competition is automating their business

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Reducing cost and saving time is important to every business, this is especially true in the hyper-competitive world of small businesses.  When it comes to business automation there are some misunderstandings, and frankly, some bad information out there. Which is why we are covering what business automation is and

Tips to Stop the Insanity

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Whether you believe the genius spoke those words or not, it is without doubt, a genius thing to say.  Luckily it does not take a genius to follow his advice.  In fact, we have some helpful tips to recognize the insanity and put a stop to it. You are working incredibly hard, investing

3 Tips to Get Organized

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To be successful in anything it helps if you are organized.   This can be especially true when it comes to business.  We all know being organized helps you to achieve goals, reduce stress, and get better results.  We also know that it is easier said than done for most

5 Tips To Be A Star At Your Next Networking Event

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  Every business owner knows networking is critical to success, but not every business owner enjoys it. If there is a hollow anxiety in the pit of your stomach as you think about your next networking event, remember these 5 tips to go from survivor to superstar: 1. Breathe!

3 Things Gym Owners Need to Know

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If a gym wants to increase membership, improve customer loyalty, and reduce long term costs, then providing what their largest group of potential customers wants seems obvious. That’s why successful gyms are catering to the needs of Millennials. Reports show that they are the single largest growing age group

Landing Pages for Beginners: The Ethical Bribery of Landing Pages

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A landing page exists to get information from a visitor. The most typical example is to get their email address. There are many ways to implement this, but we prefer the idea of providing huge value in exchange for the customer’s details. This is the idea behind ethical bribery.