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SEO for Beginners

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What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is the process of improving search engine rankings for specific content.   Search engines use programs, called “bots”, to read pages all across the internet.  These bots not only read the pages, but also audit each of them.  Based on

How Can I Grow My Business In 30 Days?

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Earlier today I was working with a customer and building a solution following these guidelines.  I thought I would share it with everyone since this strategy works regularly when I am building systems for our clients.  If you have a strategy or special offer you would like to share

“Innovator” or “Laggard”?

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Small and medium sized businesses, i.e. those characterised as having 500 or less employees, represent 99.7% of all public and private US businesses. In fact, such businesses also make up almost 50% of total private sector employment in the United States and form a significant backbone of the US