How Can I Grow My Business In 30 Days?

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Earlier today I was working with a customer and building a solution following these guidelines.  I thought I would share it with everyone since this strategy works regularly when I am building systems for our clients.  If you have a strategy or special offer you would like to share with everyone drop it down in the comments.

3 Quick Steps: 

STEP 1. 

Is there anything happening 30 days from now?

Based on when I am writing this post the 30th day from now will be February 4th, 2018.  This process works on any day because the 1st Step of Growing Your Business has nothing to do with the day your start or end.  The goal is simply to determine a timeline and find the answer for the 2nd Step of Growing Your Business.  A simple Google of Holidays in February delivers to me…Valentine’s Day.  The 1st Step to Grow My Business In 30 Days has now given me a relevant upcoming event that I use to drive sales.

STEP 2. 

What Special Offer can I create to grow my business in the next 30 days? 

Based on the fact that the big holiday is Valentine’s Day I would choose to create a Valentine’s Day Special Offer. This 2nd Step in Growing Your Business in 30 Days has now given me a RELEVANT Special Offer I can use for the next 30 days that I did not have previously.  Now you know for any sales from this Valentine’s Day Special Offer you will grow your business.


How do I get sales of this special offer?  

The Valentine’s Day Special Offer is incredibly relevant to the upcoming holiday.  It is important to understand that ANY upcoming event or holiday is already being used to create demand in customers.  The benefit of these 3 Steps to Growing Your Business in 30 Days is that you are capitalizing on that demand by planting a solution for this demand ahead of time and then reinforcing the relevance of your offer leading directly up to the holiday.  Now to get this to your potential customers you want to share (and recommend sharing to significant others) on existing mailers, newsletters, and social media posts.