How to Get Started with SEO

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Basics of SEO

Basics for Search Engine Optimization

In our last article about search engine optimization we gave a beginner’s overview of how the nuts and bolts of the search engine robots work together.  Here we are going to bring the theory into application.  Specifically I want to focus on getting started with SEO.   These are all simple specific things you can do to immediately improve your performance.

Listen to the Experts, one of the leading companies in search engine mechanics world-wide, points out that there are several content formats that trouble readers AND robots. Keeping these out of the conversation immediately improves your content for everyone:

      • Duplicate Pages: Nobody likes reruns

      • Online Forms: When is the last time you filled out a survey before reading an article?

      • Bad Links: Do you like construction and detours?

      • Non-text Content: Emoji’s might be fun for texting, but they do not help optimizing search.

Just eliminating these issues combined with creating great content will let your audience drive search engine results.

Easy to Read, Easy to Understand

Make it easy for the robots and the humans to read your content. Luckily most search engines have been designed with this interesting factoid in mind. The web has conformed to this ideology by creating ways to label your content so it is easy to understand for robots while not changing it for your targeted consumers audience.

A Little SEO Effort Goes a Long Way

If you want to see results with SEO it take effort. Fortunately, a little effort goes a long way when it comes to SEO. Because of the enormous impact that Search Engine Optimization can have on your business there seems to be no end to the tutorials, blogs (like this one), videos courses, and studies. This means you have access to a recipe for success.

Higher Engagement equals Higher Results

Search engines measure the quality of content by what your audience does with the content. If they like it and share it on Facebook your content’s score goes up. If they like it and share it on Facebook and Twitter your content’s score goes higher. If they like it, share it, and comment on it across multiple platforms AND email it to friends your content’s score goes up even more.

If your audience does all of this AND begin linking to your content your score goes up even more. This is how search engines define the relevance and quality of your content. There is some discussion on the speed at which this happens relating to the importance of your content which is a very powerful aspect of search engines we will get into in our next article.

Getting Started Before Getting Started

There are a lot of things to pay attention to in order to do SEO correctly.  Let us help you get started on the right foot by signing up below for our Bizzflo SEO Newsletter.  We will send you a series of four email walkthroughs to get you started right.  Then to make sure everything is in place for your SEO you will receive a fifth email to have a professional audit performed on your site.  This audit will include a complete 30 Day roadmap to driving your rankings to the top!