Why Focus on Mobile with Email Marketing?

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The results of recent research on email marketing shows that emails are opened on mobile devices over 66% of the time.  With a hefty two-thirds ownership of the email market, mobile platforms need to be a consideration when doing any email marketing.

This is especially true when considering the following:

Email Marketing On-the-Go

Why Focus on Mobile with Email Marketing?

  1. Mobile is more than smartphones – If I say mobile and the first thing you think about is your phone then you’re not alone.  Over 49% of emails referenced earlier were accessed on a smartphone with the remaining being opened on tablets.
  2. All smartphones are not equal – If 66% of all emails are opened on mobile devices, is it a surprise to know that only 7 percent of these opened emails are done on android devices?  The remaining 58% of this audience are using apple devices.  Now you have an idea of where you should make sure your email marketing shows up the flawlessly right?
  3. To read or not to read – If 40% of your audience is willing to give you 3 seconds what do you do with that time?  This is the most important point to understand with email marketing on mobile devices because apple users represent 40% of your email audience, but only spend 3 seconds or less reading these emails.

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