5 Ways You Can Grow Your Email List

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The other night I went to a Crème Brule making class with the FliP Chef School (yum!) and the first thing they did was ask us to sign in and drop in our business cards in. Brilliant! My husband, who loves to cook, had purchased a Groupon for the class and we signed up as a couple to come in. We signed in with our names, email addresses and the class we registered for.

  1. The FliP Chef School had already doubled their email list. They also knew what our interests were (by the class we signed up for) and the classes we might be interested in. Having more then one person’s email from a single household also was great. Each of us has a network of our own of family and friends that may be interested that we could refer an upcoming class to.
  2. If your business has a website, make sure you have the option for them to subscribe to your business updates. You can have it on the ‘home’ page or under the contact us page. Even better – is to have the option on every page on the top-side bar. According to a tally by Marketing Sherpa, about 77% of the businesses use the website registration page to grow their email list.
  3. Networking. It’s a great way to meet prospect clients. But rather then trying to push a sale try to get their emails so they can receive your promotions and sales. This way they aren’t feeling the pressure of your business and will be able to sign up for your service at their own pace.
  4. If you blog or post regularly on your website, make sure to add the option for them to sign up under it. They are clearly interested in your work and would be more likely to sign up for updates
  5. Recommend good or related newsletters that your reader might be interested in. You can recommend another related article from your website or you can also link them to another website that you admire and think will benefit your reader.

Don’t forget to keep up with your social media fans/followers. You are trying to direct your clients from there into your website and then to subscribe to your newsletters.