3 Things Gym Owners Need to Know

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If a gym wants to increase membership, improve customer loyalty, and reduce long term costs, then providing what their largest group of potential customers wants seems obvious. That’s why successful gyms are catering to the needs of Millennials.

Reports show that they are the single largest growing age group in the fitness market. Capitalizing on their unique needs is critical to the success of any gym. This seems like it would be easy to figure out. With over 40,000+ fitness apps available today there is no shortage of resources to see what this critical group of customers have available, but as every person who has experience with fitness knows, what is available is not always what you want.

Millennial Gym NeedsMillennials want independence and that is great news for gyms. This desire for independence, combined with a childhood connected to the internet means they expect computers to fill this need. This happens through your website, membership services, and online shopping carts.

Proof is in the protein powder. If you were to ask a Millennial customer if they would rather purchase their supplements from a store, or online. What would they say? What if you were to now tell them they have to do it during store hours, but don’t forget to remind them they have to drive there. Ask them if they would like to purchase their supplements from your website instead. Stop asking them and ask yourself. Which do you prefer?

This is what makes Millennials great customers. They want you to automate your processes at the gym so they can exert their independence. Survey’s show that approximate “70% of consumers expect a website to include a self-service application”(source).  Gyms are no different. Most of the changes for Millennials is an improvement for everyone.

In fact, gyms have an even better opportunity than most businesses because of the built in expectation of Community in the fitness world. Millennials want this, but so does everyone on Facebook. Which means that community can be maintained with the same computers and automation used to offer shopping and personal trainer sessions online.

Millennials expect a platform to share on, learn from, and get motivated by your gym’s existing community. Bringing everyone together with authentic messaging and communication enables not just Millennials and existing customers, but their health as well. To learn more about how to make business easier join us for a complimentary webinar on…

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