Meet our client, Shelley Myers!

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Meet our client Shelley Myers!

Starting your own business

One of the many awesome things about Skeedazz is that we get to meet amazing individuals all the time! As we get rolling we are looking forward to introducing you to some of our clients as well.  This month we have chosen to highlight, Shelley Myers, owner and holistic health coach with Simplee Wellness in the greater Indianapolis area.

After 15 years of working in sales and consulting for corporations like GE Medical and Crossover Health, the traveling and long hours were starting to take a toll on her life. Shelley was ready for a healthier lifestyle for herself. She decided to move closer to her family in Indiana and start Simplee Wellness.   With her passion for health, wellness and nutrition, Shelley jumped at the opportunity to add to her education and become a certified Holistic Health Coach, Lifestyle, Weight Management Specialist and a licensed HeartMath® Provider. Her practice offers personalized one-on-one health coaching as well as online group coaching programs.

Shelley’s background in exercise science, nursing, medical informatics and integrative nutrition was a natural fit into her new line of work. Drawing from her background and interests, Shelley began to coach individuals and help them to make healthier decisions and positive changes in their lives. She provides the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to empower her clients to take control of and improve their health over time.

Shelley believes that nutrition is more than the food we eat. Nutrition is what feeds our life — relationships, career, spirituality, as well as our mental and physical health.  We can eat super healthy foods but if we don’t feed the rest of our lives, our health will still suffer.

To establish her new business in a city she was still unfamiliar with, Shelley started networking and building relationships with her community and others in her field. One of the many places she has found a great community is by going to and organizing ‘Meet Up’ groups. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where Shelley received her Health Coach Certification has also been a key player in her success.

Along with in person networking she has mastered online marketing by using tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to promote her business and drive traffic to her website,  When she is not coaching others, you can find her on her blogs published to her website and several leading health and nutrition sites.

With one of her 2013 goals being business growth, Shelley has researched ways to organize and streamline her administrative side of the business.  While researching various sites and tools, she came in contact with Skeedazz and is looking forward to utilizing all of the tools offered on one streamlined platform to grow Simplee Wellness.   Having Shelley and Simplee Wellness as a Skeedazz client is a great pleasure for Skeedazz and we hope that we can only exceed her expectations!

Shelley MyersPlease visit her at, tell her we sent you!