So why email marketing?

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Email Marketing is a tool that often gets neglected. We find spam coming through to our emails, get annoyed and trash it right away. But we don’t always realize that it is actually an effective tool that businesses should adopt.

So why should you adopt email marketing? Because it works!

According to a Pew Internet and American Life Project’s Generation 2010 report, 94% of people online send or read email. It is a growing method of communication and is expected to rise from 3.3 billion accounts in 2012 to over 4.3 billion accounts by the end of 2016 (according to a Radicati Group, Inc. report).

According to DMA in their 2011 report said that email marketing actually reaps a higher return then other forms of marketing; for every dollar spent, the return is $40! A whole 400% profit!

Email marketing also allows you to target your market of interest. It lets you segment your list based on the demographics, interest or behavioral data that you may have collected about your customers. Email service providers, such as Skeedazz’s email marketing tool allows you to categorize your clients into various groups so that you can send the specific customers what they are most likely going to be interested in.

Email marketing allows you to track your customer trends. When an email is sent out debuting a few new products or services and one earns more clicks then the other, it would be fair to assume that the product with more clicks will be more popular. This aids retailers when making purchasing decisions for their stores. It allows them to see how successfully an email worked for them, comparing outcomes and compare it against investment.

Another benefit is that it helps build customer loyalty. Converting a lead into a sale shouldn’t be the end of your relationship. A first time buyer can be converted into a lifetime customer. After their purchase, send them a thank you note telling them you appreciate their business. Later on, send them more ideas on how to use their purchased product or a coupon to use on their anniversaries or birthday. Or simply remind them to come purchase with you again. But don’t let them forget you! 🙂