How can Skeedazz help your start-up?

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When trying to start your business, often one becomes overwhelmed by the demands, needs, tools, efforts, manpower and so much more needed to get going and we at Skeedazz understand the stress of it. After all – we too began as a start-up.

Skeedazz is a complete online toolkit. When starting your own business, budgets are tight, manpower is limited and time seems to fly faster then ever before. What one usually looks for is the best way to not only be efficient but to provide only the best to make the best first impression.

If you are a service providing business, you will realize the importance of appointment management. And how time consuming it can be. Making the appointments with your clients, and then reminding them, rescheduling or canceling them can take out a large chunk of your time that you could be focusing on what you love – providing your service.

Skeedazz allows your business to keep itself organized. Keep track of all your appointments and send the automatic reminders through text messaging and emails. This prevents no-shows to appointments by almost 70%!

You will be able to provide your customers the new and the not-so-new to schedule – or reschedule their own appointments on their time on your website (or ours if you don’t have one yet). It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will help you fill up empty appointment slots! We also integrate with Facebook for booking. It opens your business up to a wide range of audience and offers them the convenience of booking right off of your Facebook page!

The wonderful Customer Relationship Management component of Skeedazz helps you keep track of your customers and customize them into groups according to their needs/interests. The best part is – they create a customer account with Skeedazz too, where they can keep updating their information so that you don’t have to!

So how will your prospect customers hear about you? Skeedazz optimizes its website so that YOU can be found. We save you the trouble of trying to optimize your own website and when a prospect customer is looking for a service it pulls up our web page with your business for booking or directly links to your webpage!

It’s a great tool to help you organize your needs and get yourself going, and keep going! Try Skeedazz for a 30-day FREE trial at!