Landing Pages for Beginners: The Ethical Bribery of Landing Pages

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Ethical Bribery and Landing Pages
A landing page exists to get information from a visitor. The most typical example is to get their email address. There are many ways to implement this, but we prefer the idea of providing huge value in exchange for the customer’s details. This is the idea behind ethical bribery. Here are some strategies using ethical bribery that you can use:

  • eBook Offering:
    This is an effective strategy that is relevant to every business. You can provide significant value to your customers by writing, capturing, or gathering expert content together into a convenient package. Offering this in exchange for an email address is a great strategy because it allows you to:

    • Select the audience you intend to reach.
    • Because they provided their email in exchange for the book they are more likely to read it.
    • Increases value of the book itself thru network effects
  • Webinar Offering:
    Online seminars showcasing your expertise can be either pre-recorded links that are shared directly through email, or live interactive events complete with Q and A. Setting these up has become incredibly easy as video is included into more and more social media platforms. In my opinion, the best webinars integrate multiple social media channels. This allows for viewers to engage with you without the barrier of learning a new app or product if they want to ask questions.
  • Newsletter Offering:
    Incredibly similar to the eBook Offering, but requiring less immediate content at the tradeoff of offering a longer term commitment to produce value. Providing a regular outlet for quick engagement through email does allow for a lot of marketing opportunities to be woven into the newsletter. This is why it is important to keep the content relevant to what the audience signed up for.
  • Promotional Offering:
    Getting special deals in exchange for an email can include % off’s, $ off’s, or even FREE offerings. These coupons, or codes, are appealing for directing business to brick-and-mortar locations or digital stores. It also works well for directing people to new service offerings, new businesses, or available deals through partnership programs or affiliations, such as a marketplace.
  • Contest Offering:
    Everyone is familiar with these offerings in both the physical and digital world. By offering a big prize that appeals to your audience you can create buzz and excitement that goes beyond capturing emails. Tailoring this from specific – “Enter To Win 1 year of Marketing Services from ABC Marketing” to general – “Enter To Win A Dream Vacation” will draw different types of customers, but carries a real world cost for your business in both situations.
  • Free Trial Offering:
    Let people temporarily have for free what you are selling. This is commonly used to promote services, but has been shown to work effectively in other fields like software, advertising, and similar subscription business models. The largest reason this works is the simplicity of the ongoing subscription fee being renewed after the trial offer ends. This is usually done automatically with customers who do not want to renew given the option to opt out manually before the trial period ends.

When it comes to creating effective landing pages it is important to look at examples, pick a strategy, and then tailor it to your needs.  We have provided links throughout the article above to help give you real life examples we are using, our clients are using, and you can use. If you have questions or suggestions about this article or future articles please click below to leave a comment below.  If you found this useful click on your favorite social media icon on the left to share.