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So why email marketing?

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Email Marketing is a tool that often gets neglected. We find spam coming through to our emails, get annoyed and trash it right away. But we don’t always realize that it is actually an effective tool that businesses should adopt. So why should you adopt email marketing? Because it

Managing your service-providing business

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We live in a busy world where we are all trying to fulfill ourselves at work, doing the best we can by providing clients the best we can offer them. That can be from providing the best service with the latest research integrated in our work to providing them

5 Ways You Can Grow Your Email List

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The other night I went to a Crème Brule making class with the FliP Chef School (yum!) and the first thing they did was ask us to sign in and drop in our business cards in. Brilliant! My husband, who loves to cook, had purchased a Groupon for the